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Analogue & Digital Headends System
  MCBS CATV Head-end System  
MCBS  has been very active in the state-of-the-art CATV head-end technology. The excellent cost-to-performance ratio of MCBS headend can be judged by the fact that there are more than 10,000 CATV head-end system already installed all over India. The system is capable of handling 16, 24, 30, 67 and even more CATV channels.


  • Uses high performance & quality equipments to ensure extreme reliability
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Real adjacent channel modulators employing high isolation VSB SAW filters
  • Superior combined C/N & S/N performance
  • Crystal phase lock loop to ensure excellent frequency stability both in time & changing ambient conditions
  • Low spurious & harmonics
  • Superior modulation depth and audio deviation
    stability using crystal lock
  • Easier system expandability upto 67 channels
  • Overall superior baseband signal performance.


  MCBS Provides "End-to-End Solutions for CATV, HFC & Broadband Networks"  


  • Preparation of a project report with general & specific requirements including financials & business plan.
  • Site survey & detailed project analysis
  • System design & planning l Preparation of project documents
  • Procurement of equipment & sub-systems
    Integration & testing of various systems
    Installation & commissioning & acceptance tests.
    Sales after service support
  Analogue Headend and Equipment, Systems & Solutions
  End-to-End Digital Head-ends & CAS Equipment, Systems & Solutions


  CATV Headend Systems & Network (Analogue)  

 MCBS has installed, supplied & Commissioned Analog Head-ends for RPG Netcom (80 Ch.) IncableNet (104 Ch.), Hathway (94 Ch.) & SAHARA TV (60 Ch.)

Digital Headend For various MSOs
  40 Ch. Digital CATV Headend System  
MCBS has installed & Commissioned Digital CATV Head-ends (186 & 54 TV Channel) for a leading Telco at Jamnagar & Mumbai.


40 Ch. Digital CATV Headend for a leading MSO at Mumbai, Chennai & New Delhi
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