» EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
EPG is an important application in the digital interactive TV . Like audio and video programs, it is a basic business, which is regarded as a symbol of digital TV. EPG provides rich colourful program forecasting information and convenient searching engine , through which subscribers could browse and search program information conveniently ; meanwhile, they could also find much more program information, such as program brief instructions, actors information and program fractions, etc.
MCBS EPG is fully-complying DVB standard system for uniform distribution and collaboration of DTV broadcasting network resources. It supports PSI/SI standard tables, standard descriptors, private descriptors, private application data generation and scheduling for broadcasting.

ASI/IP Output Support
C/S System mode
Program schedule importing directlyt
Maximum 2044 TS Support
Maximum 65530 Program Support
Maximum 64 days EIT event Support
Friendly user interface
Self define events formats Support
Base On DVB Standards
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