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1550 Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter EARTH Series

Characterstics of the Transmitter

   Both the external modulator and laser imported from the United States or    Japan.
   Perfect pre-distortion circuit ensures the best CTB and CSO when the    CNR is in high Standard.
   Perfect SBS suppress circuit and adjustable SBS in 13,16,18.
   Suitable for for different type of CATV net.
   AGC Control.
   Internal double power which can be changed automatically.
   Automatically shell temperature control.
   Internal microprocessor software has the function of laser monitoring,    Parameter display, fault warning, net management and so on.Once the    working parameter of the laser goes out of the fixed value of the    software,the machine will warn.
   The transmitter provides RJ45 and RS232 standard interface for the    connecting the computer and monitoring.

Internal diagram of the Transmitter

Technical Specification

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