FLASH ENCODER is an Adobe Flash Media encoding device for high-end IP broadcasting. It takes live video and audio signal for encoding, and IP streaming in real-time. This device is now available and affordable for the burgeoning user base of professionals and pro-sumers that need to record and transmit from the field. Connecting to software called Adobe Flash Media Server, the Flash Encoder captures data from various analog and digital audio and video sources and encodes in MPEG4 AVC (H.264) format. For direct broadcasting or transmission over a network or the Internet, the output of NDS3531 can work as Adobe® Flash® Media Encoder and uncompressed data can be easily encoded into web-based video.


H.264 video compression and MPEG-2/AAC/G.711 audio compression technology, high compression rate, able to proceed capsulation by TS stream and FLV
Complete TCP/IP protocol, A/V transmission through TCP/IP network and embed WEB for preview support
PTZ for setting and calling preset position, cruise and track supportt
Alarm input/output and audio alarm
Duplex talk and unidirectional broadcasting support
PAL/NTSC support
POE support
OSD support
OVERLAY support
Start/end time configuration support
TCP/UDP/ RTMP support
Real-time browser of any one-channel or multi-channel A/V signal by web
Able to check device state through network
Able to real-time record the compressed code stream through network
Able to upgrade and realize maintenance through network
Embed WEB,able to visit video server through web
Encrypt user name, command and code stream with password to prevent leaking
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