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  MCBS has 25 years of experience in manufacturig and supply of antennae system for SATCOM, DTH, VSAT       and Sat triple play applications.
  Has a installed base of 1,00,0,00 TVRO/ ROT and 3 million of antenna & systems.
  Antenna have been approved by ISRO, Prasar Bharati, Tata Sky and several MSOs & Satellite Operators.
  MCBS supplies custom designed antenna systems to meet various customers requirement for Satellite &       Cable TV Market.

      Parabolic Satellite Dish Antennae (8, 12, 16, 20 & 24 feet)    
MCBS offers various high quality & superior grade parabolic dish antennae in a variety of models for a wide range of applications. MCBS has an installed base for more than 30,000 antennae and all these have been working satisfactorily. MCBS is also exporting dish antennae to various countries in Africa & the Middle-east.
High parabolic accuracy for excellent gain
Available in various sizes i.e. 6’, 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’ & 24’
Heavy Duty AZ-EL mount
Easy steerability
Easy assembly & maintenance
High wind loading capacity
Highly rugged design & environmentally proven
Choice of either quadrapod, monopole, tripod or
kingpost antenna stand
Motorised Antennae system for 12’, 16’, 20’ size,
Aluminium mesh or perforated sheet parabolic reflector
Optional powder coating for the parabola
Optional sliding & fixed screw type of reflector petals
24’ & 20’ very heavy duty antenna with 3 rings & 30 ribs for special applications
16’ dish antenna with 30 ribs (of which 15 nos supported by double truss structure) & aluminium mesh / perforated sheet parabolic reflector
12’ dish antenna with 30 ribs, 2 supporting rings &aluminium mesh / perforated sheet parabolic reflector
8’ dish antenna with 16 or 24 ribs & aluminium mesh / perforated sheet parabolic reflectorl 6’ dish antenna with 18 ribs & aluminium mesh / perforated sheet parabolic reflector.
      MCBS Ku-Band Dish Antennae for DTH (60, 90, 120, 180, 240 cms)    
  Ku-band Dish Antenna
Offset & Prime Focus type: Available in all sizes from
35/45/55/60/65/75/85/90/100/120 & 180 cms.
High gain, High quality, Rugged, Highly reliable and
tested for 200 km wind load
Approved by ISRO & Prasar Bharti
Being used by APNET & Doordarshan, IGNOU & BECIL
MCBS offers Ku-Band antenna & LNBF for DTH applications for Zee & Doordarshan.
  Ku-band LNBF
Ku-band LNBF available for various satellite & freq. ranges
High quality, High gain, High stability, Low phase noise & High performance
Types include single, dual polarity, universal and V/H switching.
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